Comfy Pants Man

30 07 2009


A new hero prowls the night….

Uncomfortable and unsightly pants beware! There is a new hero on the streets ready to take all the disgraceful “so-called” lower-section-cover-ups back to their makers (or sewers, respectively). Little do the dress pants, too tight jeans, and bunchy shorts of this world know that a hero has come to do away with their evil and uncomfortable ways! All of you out there who find yourselves in the plight of tight waistlines and itchy material have no fear, Comfy Pants Man is here to save the day!

A historical event to remember…

Comfy Pants Man was born on the outskirts of a sewing factory where by the slip of a needle (and some chemical reactions) was transformed into a super human capable of instant comforts. Quickly, he grew into a man that was known to appreciate the coziness of athletic shorts and pajama pants in all situations. As any hero, his many adventures set him on a course of battling evil and bringing “comfy pants” comfort to all those in dire need. His secret identity is, of course, unknown. Nevertheless, Comfy Pants Man has been known to show up in an instant bearing comfy pants and help to all those in peril.

Powers and Weapons…

– Instant comfy pants transformation
– Superhuman ability to consume large amounts of Gatorade with ease
– Armed with a powerful arsenal of  weapons that are disguised as harmless musical instruments.




One response

30 07 2009

Comfy Pants Man, you rock!!! But why the favoritism to those in the medical field?

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