quick, the sheep are not looking

30 08 2009
do not try this at home

do not try this at home

Frequently, I come across recipes that make me very excited. Some are so good that I would classify my excitement as giddy, wet-your-pants, jump-up-and-down excited. In fact, the sort of excited that can be comparable to going back in time to when I was a young kid on Christmas morning excited. Recently, cooking tips and the like have had the same effect. So, when I had come to find the jewel of all cooking tips, I had to share it with everyone.

Last week, I ordered “Jacques Pepin’s Complete Techniques” which is a guide for all of the fundamentals of cooking. Inside are techniques ranging from how to hold a knife to making apple swans. But, little did I know what I would find on p.464…to my delight and fascination…how to cook brains! (with photos)

Brains – excellent, easy to prepare, inexpensive, and nutritional!

So, if you ever come across some veal or lamb brains and are at a loss as to how to prepare them into a tasty meal…I have the tips and techniques for you.

I know you can barely finish reading this b/c of the excitement you may be feeling at this moment at all of the new possibilities, so I will leave you with this brief Bendy Straw aside that has nothing to do with this blog: there are animals that die everyday because they do not have health insurance. Now, I ask you: “What is one life worth?”





3 responses

31 08 2009
Brandon G.

Does consuming Hilda brains cause drowsiness?

By the way, how does one cook a brain? I bet it involves garlic. Garlic brains are my favorite.

31 08 2009
lyrist’s locution - a blog by Brandon Gregory » Blog Archive » Brain Food

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31 08 2009

Warning: When eating Hilda Brains side effect may include (but are not limited to) drowsiness, slowed speech, internet malfunction, loss of judgement, and possible transformation into a representative for a panel to discuss health care reform. Use with caution.

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