trees struggle with balding and other issues

3 09 2009


18.8 million Adult Trees struggle with depression each year

18.8 million Adult Trees struggle with depression each year

After some vague and indeterminate research, it has been found that trees are in fact receiving less press than usual this year. Trees have enjoyed the spotlight due to their star features in environmental initiatives, countless business logos that have nothing to do with nature and unforgettable movies such as Fern Gully and The Lord of the Rings. Lately though, trees have been cut out of their usual forefront spot by other issues, trees claiming oil and health care reform to be the largest contributor to their fall in stardom. Last week at the national tree convention, the team from the US (including the Bitternut Hickory, Eastern White Pine and the California Incense Cedar) brought forth a new marketing initiative to increase tree exposure: Trees For Africa. Trees will unite in outreach programs to help develop African soil by use of more trees in their farming areas. Trees agreed that charitable action was the number one focus for their marketing campaign in 2010.

Also, presented at the convention was the introduction of the informative book “What Tree is That?”. Trees hope that by reaching all generations with tree identification literature they will increase the understanding and compassion humans have towards trees. Find your copy here:

(There was some controversy about the use of paper to create the book, but the vote to go to fabric books was overturned by the Cedars of Lebanon group.)

When the Clathrus columnatus were asked to comment on the lack of tree press, they simply replied that “Trees already have Arbor Day, what are the complaining about?”





2 responses

3 09 2009

I heard the Larch is particularly concerned about the drop in stardom.

8 09 2009
Brandon G.

My neighbor has a tree that’s completely bald on the west side. I make sure to slip it some of my antidepressants when I go on walks.

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