About the Bendy Straw

A small glimpse into the psyche of the Bendy Straw…

I have 3 chess sets in my living room and I hope to one day play on all 3 sets at one time. I collect Pixar movies and particularly love the shorts before each one. I enjoy culinary experimentation which generally results in a very messy kitchen, but hopefully delightfully wonderful food. I draw monsters which never turn out scary no matter how hard I try. I think there is an animal living in my chimney. I have had a battle with refracted light. The light won. I wear attitude as an accessory. My dream is to own a very large “Where’s Waldo” book and an ancient and obnoxiously giant magnifying glass. If you ask me to play a board game, you are automatically awesome. Unless it is as a joke, at which time I will have to hide my disappointment in the ninja moves I will subsequently use to bring about your demise. When I was younger, I was afraid of pinatas. Beating colorful animals that bleed candy?…honestly, who came up with that? If I had the choice, pajamas pants would be worn for all occassions. Finally, as a final insight into the mind of the Bendy Straw, my life is devoted to serving God in all that I do and coming to know Him more and more.

And that’s just Bendy Straw style, to start with some light-hearted fun and end on a serious note.



2 responses

1 05 2010


I liked this picture:

Is it yours? If so, may I use it in a lecture at my university?


Graeme Bell (lecturer at Murdoch University, Perth)

1 05 2010

Dear Graeme,

Yes, you can use the photo. What is the lecture about?

Thanks – The Bendy Straw

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